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Traditional vs Healthy Mediterranean Fusion Iftar

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, prayer, and fasting. Indulging delicious food in iftar is a tradition for Muslims. But we often forget the importance of having healthy food after a long day of fasting. A balanced diet that includes a variety of unrefined carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as well as vegetables and whole grains, for optimal health, endurance, and digestive relief is essential for ensuring good health during Ramadan.

Traditionally, Ramadan fast ends with dates and water followed by a light meal. Iftar traditions in Muslim countries and among Muslim communities around the globe differ from region to region. Though iftar is mainly a religious practice, it has become a communal occasion over time.

Here are some of the traditional iftar items eaten in different countries:


Iranians traditionally break their fast with dates and a cup of tea or hot water. Tea, bread, cheese, fresh vegetables, Zoolbia and Bamieh (two traditional Persian sweets coated in sugar syrup), Halva, Sholeh Zard (a sweet Iranian dessert made of rice, sugar, and saffron), Ash Reshteh (thick winter soup made with tick noodles, kashk, and different herbs), Haleem, as well as various kinds of soups, are commonly served during Iftar time.

Saudi Arabia

The falafel is a light, nutritious snack that many families serve at iftar. Usually, eaten with pita bread and hummus. It consists of ground chickpeas and coriander, mixed with garlic and spices and toasted with sesame seeds. It provides a boost of energy without making a person feel lethargic. Another popular dish is Qatayef – a sort of sweet dumpling filled with cream or nuts and it is commonly served during the month of Ramadan.


In Afghanistan, an iftar meal tends to include soups and onion-based meat curries, kebabs and pulao.​


Iftar is known as Berbuka Puasa in Malaysia. People consume Bandung drink, sugarcane juice, soybean milk combined with grass jelly, Nasi lemak, Laksa, Ayam percik, chicken rice, satay, and Popiah after breaking their fast with traditional dates and water.


Turkey’s most beloved ramazan pidesi is a large round shape and distinctive criss-cross design, the ever-so-fluffy bread is easily spotted everywhere during Ramadan. It is made of wheat flour with yeast and topped with sesame and nigella sativa seeds.

Gullac is the Turkish dessert of choice during Ramadan. Layers upon layers of thin cornstarch pastry are soaked in rosewater-infused milk and topped with crushed pistachios and glistening pomegranate seeds.


In Pakistan, chole, jalebis, pakoras, kebabs, dahi bara, along with refreshing juices are famous iftar meals.


In Bangladesh, we are used to having different kinds of fried food in our Iftar. The most common are peyaji, beguni, alur chop, chhola, jilapi, haleem, etc. These deep-fried items are detrimental to people of every age who practice fasting.

But nowadays people are becoming health conscious and they look for nutritious food items for iftar. Keeping the need of consuming healthy food during Ramadan in mind, Le Delicia is here to serve a large selection of food inspired by healthy Mediterranean Cuisine.

Mediterranean cuisine is defined by the food and preparation methods used by the inhabitants of the Mediterranean region. That is to say, the food of the people living along the Mediterranean Sea, from Spain to Morocco through Italy, Greece, Tunisia and other countries. The focus is on fresh products, pronounced flavors and simple preparation. Essentially, Mediterranean cuisine is made up of plant food and minimally processed staples where herbs and spices are essential ingredients.

 Here are the unique iftar items you can find in Le Delicia to make this Ramadan a special one:


  1. Cig Borek

It is a half-moon-shaped fried pastry with ground chicken and onions which can be a good source of protein and carbs in your iftar platter.

  1. Egg Chop

It is made of boiled egg stuffed with mashed potato and chicken. It is an excellent source of protein, vitamin C and potassium.

  1. Buffalo Wings

These unbreaded deep-fried chicken wings coated with house special sauce can be a highlight of your iftar platter which will also ensure the presence of nutrients. 

  1. Meatball

Tender meatballs made of ground chicken, ginger, garlic, honey and seasoned spices are a good source of protein and other nutrients.

  1. Chicken Cutlet

Deep fried slice of chicken breast mixed with potato, spices and mozzarella cheese is crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside. It consists of nutrients like protein, vitamin C, calcium etc.

  1. Chicken Shashlik

Sweet and tangy boneless chicken, capsicum and tomato served on a stick is a source of vitamins and protein.

  1. Chicken Lollipop

It is made with chicken marinated with spices and coated with egg and batter. It is both nutrition-rich and full of taste.

  1. Fried Rice

Stir-fried  rice mixed with egg, vegetable and spices. It is a complete package of important nutrients needed for our health after fasting.

  1. Garbanzo Bean Salad

It is prepared with garbanzo beans, black olive, cucumber, capsicum and feta cheese. It is an excellent iftar dish for health-conscious individuals.

  1. Om Ali

Egyptian dessert made with bread, milk, pistachio and cooking cream is a perfect dish to satisfy people with a sweet tooth and has great nutritional value.

  1. Chicken Mushroom Quiche

It is a tart made with chicken, cream, spinach and mushroom. It has protein, calcium, essential vitamins and minerals. It consists of spinach which is one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables.

  1. Spring Roll

Crispy spring rolls which are filled with vegetables can fulfill the need for essential nutrients we get from vegetables in a palatable form.

Le Delicia is bringing you all these delicious and healthy food during Ramadan which are available both in A Le Carte and Combo. You can order through Le Delicia’s website or hotline number and get the healthiest iftar items to fuel your body and feed your soul and also strengthen bonds by sharing iftar meals with your loved ones.








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