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Eid-ul- Fitr: A Festival of Sweet Treats

Eid-ul- Fitr is one of the biggest festivals for Muslims and this occasion is considered the festival of sweets. After fasting for a month for a whole month, Muslims start their Eid day by eating desserts with family and friends which also enhances bonding with each other. It is Sunnah for Muslims to begin the day by having something sweet. Also, it has health benefits as sweets are a great source of energy after fasting for a long period of time.  

Here are some traditional desserts that people of our country indulge in during Eid:  


It is considered a staple dessert for Eid. It’s a very specific Bengali dessert made from roasted vermicelli noodles, spiced milk and cream with oodles of sugar. You can throw in any dried topping of your choice like pistachio.


When we say only payesh, it is understood that we are talking about the rice payesh and not any of the other versions. This traditional melt-in-your-mouth rice pudding has a buttery taste and a pleasing aroma from the use of rice, milk, cardamom and sugar.


Jorda is essentially a rice-based dessert/sweet rice. It’s a popular dessert served at wedding functions in our country and also served on Eid day. It is made with loads of dry fruit, nuts, saffron even things like khoya or solidified milk.


From the simplest of happy moments to the biggest of festivals, people share their happiness with delicious sweetmeats. Many Bangladeshi regions is popular for their traditional sweets. Different regions of Bangladesh are famous for their varieties of traditional sweet items. For instance, Tangail has Chamcham, Manda of Muktagachha in Mymensingh district, Comilla’s Rosh Malai and so on. A variety of sweets including the mentioned one are essentially served during festivals.

Mishti doi 

Mishti Doi, Bengal’s one of the most popular desserts, is a classic sweet yogurt variety that is made with milk, curd culture and sugar. Traditionally set or even baked in earthenware, which imparts an earthy and unique flavor to the flavored yogurt is perfect to satisfy the sweet tooth during the joyous occasion. 

Apart from these traditional desserts, indulging in many more desserts can enhance happiness during this festive.


Any festive remains incomplete without a cake. Cakes have become our first choice whenever we think of celebrating any happy occasion and Eid is the happiest occasion for Muslims. Different flavors of cake with colorful frosting make the celebration more exhilarating. Chocolate cake, cheesecake, red velvet cake, vanilla cake, nut cake, baklava cheesecake, mint chocolate cake, pistachio cake, and atomic cake are becoming more popular to enjoy this occasion.


Sweet, soft and colorful doughnuts look like it will be a party in your mouth.  Doughnuts are made of various shapes and colors with sprinkles on top which is a favorite item for all. These doughnuts have fillings like chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry cream.


Pie is a popular dessert to serve during festivals, especially in western countries. A pie is a baked dish that is usually made of a pastry dough casing that contains a filling of various sweet or savory ingredients. Some popular pies are apple pie, chocolate cream pie, peanut butter pie, blueberry pie, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, oreo pie, etc.


Moist and flavorful muffins can be perfect to serve in front of guests on Eid day. There are different kinds of muffins like chocolate chip, strawberry, blueberry, banana, pumpkin spice etc. 


An eclair is a long French pastry made from choux pastry, filled with pastry cream or custard and dipped in fondant icing. The most popular eclair is probably the chocolate eclair, which is topped with chocolate fondant and filled with chocolate custard or pastry cream. This crisp and puffy dessert will surely bring a smile to your loved one’s face on Eid day. 

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