About Us

Le Delicia has one simple yet precise motto, produce healthy, delicious and fresh foods with modern technology while ensuring proper hygiene, each & every food safety and best practices to bring pleasure and delight to all.

When the state of the art machinery and seasoned baker’s years of hands-on experience works in harmony, it results in products of supreme delicacy which would be loved even by a connoisseur. Our famous and well-appreciated menu consists of various items including Bread & Buns, Cookies, Doughnuts, Muffins, Cakes, Puffs and more.

Here at Le Delicia, we aim to maintain the highest of the qualities by using the best of ingredients, yet, try to keep it affordable for the mass. No wonder, from the very beginning of our journey, when we started as a venture of REVE Group in 2016 as Reve Food, or later rebranded as Le Delicia in 2021, we always pursued an arduous task of achieving a combination of pureness along with taste. Because we strongly believe that, it’s the people’s affection, satisfaction and trust which moves us forward.

Therefore, we strive to provide our consumers with the best of baked items of the country and present them with an ambrosial delicacy, both at physical outlets and online. Le Delicia is the Home of Fresh Baking!

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