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Shab-E-Barat Traditions and Desserts

Shab-e-barat is an auspicious day for the muslim communities. This is known as The Night of Fortune and Forgiveness’, celebrated as an important occasion by the Muslim community, it is believed that on Shab-e-barat, Allah grants people’s wishes, their fortunes and also decides if they will be able to go for Hajj. People, on this day, pray to Allah for their sins and ask for forgiveness.

During the holy night, it is a very common practice in Bengali households to prepare various sweetmeats and distribute them in the neighborhood. 

This practice was more prominent in the 90s household, and even now many families are following it.

Earlier The mothers and grandmothers of yesteryears spent countless hours perfecting this art, and to ensure their hard work would not go to waste and they could send the best sweets to their neighbors on this auspicious night.

Today that love for traditional Bengali sweets is still going strong and on the night of shab e barat, this practice is brought back to life as sweets play an integral role in the dining table.
Some must have sweetmeat of shab e barat are:

Halwa: With chewy textures and succulent flavors, the halwas are a must-have for this Shab-e-barat. Generously cooked with ghee, these are flavorsome, leaving a lasting aftertaste. While the small chunks of cashew nuts add a bit of crunch to the toffee-like cashew-nut halwa, the generous pieces of anjeer added to the anjeer halwa are like a treat to the fruit-lovers out there. 

There are many flavors and types of halwa but the most prominent ones are: Gajorer Halwa, Buut er daal er halwa, Badam er halwa, Bombai halwa etc.

Milk based sweets: Kheer toast, contains a dense inner layer of kheer surrounded by a sweet velvety outer layer. With the blend of saffron and milk being a regal favorite of the subcontinent, it should come as no surprise that the best sweetmeats are milk-based and generously topped with saffron. 

Saffron bhog consists of a creamy inner layer to complement the outer chhana with just a hint of saffron and almond, is sure to be the show-stealers for those who enjoy creamy sweetmeats.

Creamy Nuts at Premium is the perfect sweetmeat with its succulent spongy texture and a flavor that gets you hooked even at the first bite.

Borfi: Another category of sweetmeat without which celebrations feel incomplete is the barfi. The apparent rock hard texture that delicately melts in the mouth is what makes barfis so flavorsome.

Turkish Sweets: Currently Turkish delights are very popular among sweet lovers. From kunafa to baklava, many enjoy them almost everyday. Turkish desserts are here to entice your palate and satisfy your sweet cravings. The Turks have a fine way of making irresistible sweet dishes!

The Turkish almond cookies made with almond flour, egg whites, sugar, and lemon juice are chewy and oh-so-yummy! 

Turkish delights are sweet little squares with a jelly-like texture. This dessert is bound to become a hit among kids and adults. And many more that can be discovered forever!

Craving for sweets after reading up-to this then it’s your time to plan for your shab e barat desserts. Being entangled in your busy life might make it difficult for you to prepare everything by yourself but cravings need to be satisfied! This shab e barat la delicia brings you a number of sweet delish like gajor er halwa, buut er daal er halwa, turkish delish and bombay karachi halwa!

So without worrying much, order your favorite sweet and enjoy the offerings from Le Delicia!


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