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Cakes and bakes: A love language!

Valentine’s Day is the day of the love birds, the day the couples wait to celebrate their relationship in an exceptional way, the day friends and family celebrate their love and bonding. The special event of Valentine’s Day meant to bring loved ones closer together is a universal tradition.

Surely you can get the love of your life some delicious bakery items that you can both enjoy and indulge on this joyous day. From heart-shaped biscuits to beautiful cakes, people all around the world tend to treat their lovers with different bakery items on their valentine’s day’s dates. This gesture certainly shows your loved one that you care.

Some popular bakery items of Valentine’s Day celebration:

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is synonymous with Valentine’s Day. A classic moist and spongy chocolate cake is enough to melt your lover’s heart. There are many other popular varieties like chocolate fudge cake, chocolate truffle cake, chocolate mud cake which will make your date more special.

Le Delicia has Chocolate Coated cake, Tia Maria cake, the Classic Chocolate cake to serve the chocolate lovers.

Strawberry Tart

With the fruity burst of flavor, a buttery crust and the rich vanilla custard and fresh berries, a delicious strawberry tart can impress your partner.

Raffaello Cake 

The Raffaello Cake is especially wonderful for Valentine’s Day. The Raffaello cake is the combination of white chocolate, mascarpone and coconut filling, heavy cream topped with “Raffaellos” – a special candy or praline from the brand Ferrero.


Invented in the late 1700s, the Croquembouche, is a tower of cream-filled puff-pastry balls encircled with caramelized sugar. It is a traditional French wedding cake. This can be a great treat on Valentine’s Day too.

Chocolate Fondants

With a warm gooey chocolate in the center, or with an extra twist such as salted caramel, chocolate fondant is a simple but delicious dinner date treat.

French Macarons

French Macaron is made with almond meal/ flour and combines two cookies to make a sandwich that is not only delicious and sweet but also cute. A box of different flavors of heart shaped macarons can be a perfect gift for the day of love.


A box of soft and sweet doughnuts in which each of them are delightfully dipped into dark, or white chocolate and topped with festive candy toppings and chocolate drizzle can bring a smile to your loved ones face.

Le Delicia is offering a doughnut package with different flavor doughnuts.


Handmade cookies have always been a special gift. A jar of sweet, soft, buttery cookies with crisp edges are the perfectly reasonable valentine’s gesture that will allow you to show your partner how much they mean to you.

Le Delicia serves the best quality chocolate chip cookies, nut biscuits, Arabian cookies, salted cookies, chocolate cookies and almond cookies.

Red Velvet

Red is the color which represents love and passion. A fluffy, soft, buttery red velvet cake which is covered with amazing cream cheese frosting topped with red sprinkles is ideal to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Le Delicia offers amazing red velvet cake frosted with American cream cheese layered with buttery cream and moist with the perfect velvety texture.

Savory Items 

You can surprise your beloved one on Valentine’s Day with a special breakfast that contains a delectable array of baked treats such as croissants, loafs, bread rolls, puff pasties.

Le Delicia serves you with a wide variety of mouth-watering savory items.

Le Delicia is serving Valentine’s Day treats to you and helping to spread love by taking pre-orders for cakes and other bakery items. You can order through website or visit your nearest outlet to get great deals.​

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